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Throw a Hollywood Party for Upcoming Award Ceremonies

Throw a Hollywood Party for Upcoming Award Ceremonies


It’s award season, which makes it the ideal time to host a Hollywood themed party! Add a Hollywood theme to a special birthday coming up, or have your bridal shower be a Hollywood themed bridal shower. Or, if you are a big fan of the award ceremonies, invite guests over for a night of Hollywood fun. Use these ideas for throwing your own Hollywood themed get-together!

Decorate your party space with red, black and gold decorations.

The color scheme for your Hollywood party should be red, gold and black. Make your guests feel like celebrities when arriving at your party by having them walk up to the party on a red carpet. Place the red carpet on your sidewalk or in your hallway, leading up to the big event. Place stanchions on the side of the carpet to make it look like the real deal. You can even have your guests’ pictures taken! Then inside your party area, have a Walk of Fame decoration on the ground. Use Walk of Fame Star Stickers to piece together on the floor, or even on the wall. Write the names of your guests on each star—they’ll have a fun time trying to find their star!

Find some cheap red fabric to hang as a curtain in the doorway of your party area, or as a backdrop for the food table. Drape them to the sides and secure them with gold ribbon. You could even use a red, metallic, fringed door curtain to add a little sparkle to the party décor.

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On an open wall in your party space, hang a Hollywood Hills scene setter of the Hollywood sign. This will serve as the background of your Hollywood party, as well as a fun photo booth for your guests to take pictures in front of. Just be sure to give them some glamorous accessories to wear in their photos.

Use film clapboards and award statues as fun table centerpieces.

Decorate your dining tables, or food table, using the same color scheme as the rest of your party décor. Start the tables off with a sleek black table cover. Use gold plates to set the table. If you are having a more casual party, set out some gold paper plates and matching napkins so guests can help themselves to some refreshments.  

Decorate the dining tables, or buffet table, with small clapboard toys and plastic gold award statues. Your guests can take these home as party favors at the end of your event. You can also add some red roses to make the table décor a tad more elegant, and to also fit in with the color scheme. Serve champagne in champagne flutes and enjoy the company of your guests!

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To ensure your party doesn’t have any lulls, have your guests participate in a few Hollywood-themed games! If the purpose of your party is to watch The Golden Globe Awards, or The Oscars, then do so, but also have a little fun with it. Create a ballot containing all of the awards and award nominees, and have your guests check the nominees they believe will win each award. At the end of the awards show, the guest with the most correct award winners receives a prize!

If you are not having this Hollywood party to watch any award ceremony, have your guests participate in a game of charades. Divide your guests up into teams and write down a bunch of movie titles, placing them into a hat. Each guest has to pick from the hat and act out their movie title while their team tries to guess which movie it is in the allotted time. The team with the most correct guesses wins.


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