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Throw The Man In Your Life A Special Party With Our Vintage Dude Party Line!

Throw The Man In Your Life A Special Party With Our Vintage Dude Party Line!


The Vintage Dude Birthday Theme party supplies can help you put together a fun and cohesive party space to celebrate an extra special birthday event.  Get stocked up on all of these matching party supplies to delight your guests and wish that special someone an extra happy birthday.  We have everything you need to host a great event from start to finish, including personalized invitations, custom banners, decorations, tableware, and all the special extras you will want to help your event stand out.  Impress your friends, relatives, and loved ones by hosting an extra special event with all of our matching Vintage Dude Birthday Theme party supplies. 

All of the Vintage Dude theme birthday supplies feature a cool and classic look that is reminiscent of the label on a quality liquor bottle with bold lettering and silver detailing.  There are even extra special items to help you get ready for milestone birthday events.  Our Vintage Dude theme is perfect choice to honor the gentleman in your life on his birthday.  They also work wonderfully for bachelor parties.  Our entire official Vintage Dude product line features “Vintage Dude” printed along with words like “wisdom” and “experience.”  Have fun and get ready to decorate for a stylish and debonair affair that will be the talk of the town!  We can help you make the entire party planning process as easy as can be.  Coordinate your event with matching party supplies and get ready for the fun to start!

Vintage Dude Personalized Invitations

Start your party planning process and ready your guest list.  We have the perfect invitation to send out and entice your guests.  Our Vintage Dude Personalized Invitations are perfect for your Vintage Dude Birthday Theme party.  Each of these stylish invitations feature the Vintage Dude motif, complete with “Premium Quality” and “The man; the myth; the legend” printed in curly, white script.  The Vintage Dude logo is featured on the left-hand side against a solid black background and there is plenty of space on the right for you to add all of your specific party details in your choice of font.  Click on the “Personalize Your Invite” button and you can add your own headline, along with a special greeting, and bottom line to read however you like in 12 font types and 24 ink colors.  Let everyone know the when and where of your party in the body.  Preview the changes as you make them and we can print them on high-quality card stock in either a 4-inch by 6-inch or 5-inch by 7-inch format.  Let everyone know the specifics of your event, like whether it is a surprise event or if there is a dress requirement, and send them out in matching envelopes.  They make excellent save the date announcement cards.  Make sure you place an order to cover your entire guest list and save one for your scrap book to keep with the pictures you take during your event.

Vintage Dude Custom Banner

Add the ultimate decoration to your event when you personalize the Vintage Dude Custom Banner for your party.  Pick from five select sizes, including 12” X 24”, 18” X 36”, 24” X 48”, 36” X 72”, or 48” X 96”.  Go big or small and decorate with style when you choose to include this awesome birthday decoration at your event.  The Vintage Dude Custom Banner features the classic motif on the left-hand side of the banner and there is an easy-to-read text box on the right.  Add your own special birthday message and be sure to include the name of your guest of honor for added fun.  You can use this great decoration to welcome all your guests as they arrive when you hang one in the entryway of your event.  It will look great anywhere in your party space and the superior grade grommets that are installed along the edges make for easy hanging.  This heavy duty vinyl banner is durable and made to last, which makes it a great choice for indoor or outdoor events.  You can place an order for a single or several of the Vintage Dude Custom Banners to get ready for your event.

Vintage Dude Birthday Theme Decorations

We can help you deck the halls, tables, and walls for your special event with Vintage Dude Birthday theme Decorations. Start your shopping with our Vintage Dude Centerpiece. Place an order for a single or several of these great decorations and set them out throughout your space.  Each Vintage Dude Centerpiece features the Vintage Dude motif printed on a lightweight cardboard circle attached to a black honeycomb base that is easy to unfurl.  Set one out in a place of prominence, like your gift table or buffet.  It’s perfect to help you celebrate the birthday of any dapper dude. 

Line your tables and unify your whole space with our Black & Silver Plastic Table Cover. You can order one for your buffet or get several and use them to cover all your flat surfaces, including countertops, to protect all your furniture from any party mishaps.  Each Black & Silver Plastic Table Cover measures 54" x 108" and is sold individually.  It features black and silver panels that run the length of the table cover with silver in the center and is sure to look great in your space. 

Add a Black Metallic Fringe Table Skirt for added flair.  This great decoration will go perfectly with your Vintage Dude motif and you can reuse it for any Halloween, New Year’s Eve, or special occasions you have upcoming.  The Black Metallic Fringe Table Skirt measures 11 feet in length and hangs 30 inches in length.  It is priced and sold by the skirt.  Use it on your buffet table to hide any storage you may want to have on hand or use it on the gift table. 

A festive variation is our Silver and Black Star Fringed Table Skirt. It measures 14 feet in length by 30 inches and features black star shapes printed on a silver background.  Attach either of these fun table skirts to the edges of your tables with a bit of sticky tack.  They will look great on your counters to cover your kitchen cabinets. 

Add some drama to your space with a Black Metallic Fringed Door Curtain. It will make for a great entrance for your guests to enter your party space or add one to any doorway at your event for decoration and to separate spaces.  This fun, fringe door curtain is designed for standard size doors with measurements of 36 inches by 96 inches in length.  Use a bit sticky tack to hang it anywhere in your party space.  Sticky tack is sold elsewhere on our site.  We also have a variety of hanging decorations you and your guests are sure to love. 

Check out our Black Twirly Whirls, which are sold in packs of six.  These are great for indoor and outdoor events and will spin in the breeze.  Hang them in doorways and windows.  Each 6-pack of Black Twirly Whirls includes four whirls measuring 24 inches in length and two whirls measuring 36 inches in length. 

We also have a Black & Silver Stringer that measures 7 feet in length.  It features a string of silver stars with miniature cascades of black metallic fringe.  You can add it to the edges of your doorways or tables for added fun for your space. 

You will be adding a real wow-factor to your event when you include a Black & Silver Fringe Chandelier to your décor.  It features three tiers of alternating black and silver metallic fringe.  All in all this fringe chandelier measures 4 feet from top to bottom.  The top hoop is 16 inches in diameter with a 12-inch and a 9-inch hoop below it.  Hang it in a place of prominence at your party and you’re guests are sure to take notice.  The Black & Silver Fringe Chandelier is sold individually and in increments of one chandelier. 

Decorate and add some mood lighting to your event with our Black & Silver Star Paper Lanterns. You will get three of these fun and whimsical paper lanterns with every pack.  They measure 9 1/2-inches and make for a whimsical light source when you pair them with LED candles or any kind of flameless candle or battery powered light source.  LED candles are sold separately.  Each round paper lantern features silver stars printed on a solid black paper background.  Place your order for our Black & Silver Star Paper Lanterns in increments of one pack. 

Windy City Novelties also has a stylish Black & Silver Satin Bunting that will look great when paired with any railing or hung up along the top border of your walls.  Each bunting measures 70 inches in length with 30 inches as the widest part of each gathered section.  The Black & Silver Satin Bunting is designed to have two full drops and has 3 strings that you can use to make the gathers, spaced to your liking.  Use it indoors or outside.  The Black & Silver Satin Bunting is sold in increments of one bunting.

Vintage Dude Birthday Theme Tableware

Deck out your tables and get ready to serve up something delicious at your event with our selection of Vintage Dude Birthday Theme Tableware items.  We have everything you need to create festive table settings to perfectly compliment your chosen Vintage Dude theme.  There are various options of paper plates with matching napkins for you to pick from.  Stock up on our 16 oz. Basic Black Plastic Cups to keep all your thirsty guests happy.  They are sold in packs of 20 cups and are great for any cold beverage you plan to serve.  Leave out stacks wherever beverages are located at your event and let guests help themselves.  You can use a White-Out pen, or any kind of correction fluid product, to write names on cups to help guests differentiate their beverage from others.  We have Fabulous Fake Plastic Silverware that is available in forks, knives, and spoons.  Place an order for all three varieties or just get the essentials based on your chosen menu and guest list.  Don’t worry about polishing these utensils, the shiny plastic material looks and acts just like silverware but is much more affordable for your upcoming special event.  The Fabulous Fake Silver Silverware is sold in packs with your choice of 50 forks, 50 spoons, or 50 knives to a pack.  Please order in increments of one pack (50 pieces). 

Choose from our Vintage Dude 7" Plates, which are great for smaller menu items or desserts, and our Vintage Dude 8 3/4" Plates, which can handle any main course menu.  Both of these paper plate options feature a black and silver color scheme and feature the Vintage Dude motif printed in the center.  They are available in packs with eight plates each.  Stock up and have them ready for your guests to grab at the start of your buffet or use them to create a festive place setting at your party.  You can also use these plates as decoration at your event by mounting them to your walls.  We have a variety of Vintage Dude theme napkins to choose from, along with a selection of special milestone birthday options.  All of the Vintage Dude milestone options have matching paper plate options, just like our Vintage Dude 50 Lunch Napkins, which are sold in packs of 16; and our Vintage Dude 50 Years Plates, which come in packs of eight.  The Vintage Dude motif on these 50-milestone products is accented with “Aged 50 Years,” along with red detailing.  Each decade has its own special accent color, including orange for 30, blue for 40, and olive green for 60. 

Windy City Novelties has everything you need to get ready for a great event.  Get ready to have fun with all of our Vintage Dude Birthday Theme party supplies.  We can help you honor your guest of honor with a debonair and classy style that all your guests are sure to appreciate.  Any distinguished gentleman can appreciate the cool style that is featured on all of our Vintage Dude theme party supplies.  So finalize that guest list and pick out the perfect party menu, complete with cake and ice cream for dessert.  You can find everything you need to get your space decorated and your tables set up for fun when you shop among our Vintage Dude Birthday Theme party supplies.  Celebrate that special day and your style, with a little help from Windy City Novelties.  

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