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Tips and Ideas for Throwing a Super Bowl Party

Tips and Ideas for Throwing a Super Bowl Party


The countdown to Super Bowl Sunday is on! Football fans all over the country are patiently awaiting this glorious sporting event--especially if your favorite team has made it thus far. Celebrate all that is football with loved ones at your very own Super Bowl Party! Spruce up your party space with some football party supplies and invite friends over for  an evening of food, fun and football with these Super Bowl party tips. 


Decorate your entertainment area with football decorations.

Before you can begin decorating your party space, you must first choose your party space. A large area with optimal seating is the perfect setting for a Super Bowl party. You'll also want to make sure your television screen is large enough for each guest to view it comfortably. If your viewing area does not have a ktichen area nearby, you'll want to set up a few buffet-style tables for refreshments. 

Once your party area is perfected, it's time to start decorating! Adorn the party space with general football decorations. Drape a Game Day football pennant banner on the walls around your party area, and hang football danglers from the ceiling. If your ceiling doesn't allow you to hang decorations from it, you can use these decorations in the doorway of your party space, accompanied by balloons on each side of the entranceway--either in your team's colors or a mixture of green, white, black and gold balloons in order to match the Super Bowl 50 color scheme. 


If your team makes it to the Super Bowl, you have full bragging rights--which means you should put up your team’s colors and logo wherever possible.

To create a fun (and simple) photo booth area where your guests can take pictures, hang a football stadium scene setter on an open wall in the party area. For a background that's closer to the action, hang a football field wall decorating kit, instead. 


If your team has victoriously made it to the Super Bowl, you have full bragging rights, which means you can decorate your party space using decorations in your team's colors and logo! Sprinkle in Carolina Panthers or Denver Broncos party supplies wherever possible, even if they are just to serve food on! 



Set up a large food table packed with game day snacks.

If you’re not one for the decorations, just be sure that your food table looks amazing. The two major activities occurring at your Super Bowl party will be football watching and eating, so pump up your snack table and make sure your TV is working properly. You’ll want a large buffet-style table that guests can quickly make a plate from and get back to watching football. Start with a football themed table cover, such as a green football field table cover. If you want to be crafty, you can make mini field goalposts out of PVC pipes and paint and place them on the ends of the table. Or, you can create one giant goalpost out of yellow balloons and attach it to the wall behind the snack table. Set a Super Bowl 50 table centerpiece on top of the table. 

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Use football shaped serving trays and bowls to hold your food items. It’s typically cold during the time of the Super Bowl—depending on where you live—so help your guests warm up with a chili bar. Set out a Crockpot full of chili and toppings that your guests can choose to add to it. Chicken wings are also a favorite for football games, as well as any type of dip—Buffalo chicken dip, nacho dip, taco dip, spinach dip, French onion dip, etc. Set out a stack of Super Bowl 50 paper plates and matching napkins that guests can eat off of. 


Be sure to have a lot of beverages on hand, because eating all those delicious snacks is bound to make your guests thirsty! And besides, there’s no beverage that pairs better with football than beer. Set out a football field cooler full of beer, water and soda, and be sure to have other types of beverages on hand in case someone doesn’t want beer. Bloody Mary’s and mimosas are popular beverages for Sunday brunch, so offer your guests some on Super Bowl Sunday. Set out a stack of Super Bowl 50 plastic cups to drink out of. 

Provide your guests with fun accessories and party items to use or wear during the game.

You can’t watch football without cheering, and you can’t cheer without some sort of noisemaker. Hand out party favors to your guests that they can cheer with during the game. You can never have enough cowbell, so toss each guest a football cowbell when they arrive. 

You can also give them party accessories to wear, like cool football sunglasses. These accessories will make for some laughs at your Super Bowl Party, as well as some great photo opportunities!


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