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Tips for Planning a Retirement Party

Tips for Planning a Retirement Party


Retirement: It’s not the end of the road, but the beginning of the open highway. That’s what you should remind your loved one, colleague or friend if they have any doubts about retiring. Retirement is one of those special milestones along the journey of life—which is why it should be celebrated! Throw a party for a retiring loved one, or coordinate a special lunch or dinner for your coworker’s last day of work. Use these retirement party tips to assist you in your party planning!


Plan out the guest list.

Before you start to plan anything, decide what type of party you are going to throw. Consider the guest of honor—are they excited about retiring or would they rather not make a big deal about it? Are they a family member or a coworker? Is the party going to be in someone’s home—perhaps your home—or in the office? Or, will it be a dinner party at a restaurant? These are a few things you will need to consider before you begin inviting guests.

Once you have the details figured out, you can create your guest list. If you are hosting this party for a family member, be sure to invite the guest of honor’s close friends and coworkers from the office.  Use colorful retirement party invitationsincluding all the details of the party. If you are limiting this retirement party to an “office-only” guest list, send out an e-vite, or hang a flier in the break room.  


Decorate the party area.

On the day of the celebration, be sure to add a little flair to the party space, wherever it may be! Hang a “Happy Retirement” banner in the doorway of your home, the break room at the office, or in the entryway of the private dining room at the restaurant. In addition to the banner, add a few matching hanging retirement swirls around the party area. If the party area is large and you feel you need more decorations, you can drape colored streamers around the party space.


Set the table.

If you plan on having this party at the office, coat your break room table with a solid color table cover that will coordinate with the rest of your decorations, such as a blue, green or red table cover. Place a matching “Celebrate!” centerpiece in the center of the table to add a little flair. If you’re hosting the party at your home, you can use the table cover for the snack table and/or the dining table. Add a little extra décor by taking two different colored paper streamers and twisting them together. Drape it across the front of the snack table or along the edge of the dining table.

Set out a pile of matching “happy retirement!” paper plates and napkins for guests to grab when they would like to eat. If the party is being held at the office, order a few pizzas and a cake for everyone to snack on during lunchtime or at the end of the day. Be sure to have water and/or soda available to drink. When hosting this party at your home, make it a point to serve some of the guest of honor’s favorite dishes. Also be sure to have a wide selection of beverages, including alcoholic and nonalcoholic options. Use cups that match your paper plates and napkins to serve your beverages in.


Accessorize the Guest of Honor.

Last, but not least, make sure the guest of honor knows that they are, in fact, the guest of honor. Give them a special crown or accessories to wear, such as a “RETIRED” beaded necklace! 

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