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Top 10 Glow Accessories for Music Festivals

Top 10 Glow Accessories for Music Festivals


The warmer weather of the spring and summer months generate a whole new collection of activities—one of these activities being music festivals. Soon enough, young individuals will be flocking to outdoor concert venues, parks or fields, stadiums, etc. all around the country in order to see some of their favorite artists perform. However, for most of these festival-goers, attending a music festival isn’t just about the music. The music may be the main focus of the festival, but people enjoy the option of partaking in other activities at the festival, such as carnival rides and games, food, and more.

In the last several years, music festivals have regained a lot of attention and popularity, and will continue to do so. Some of the most popular music festivals in the country include South by Southwest (SXSW) in Austin, Ultra Music Festival in Miami, Coachella in Indio, CA, Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) in New York City and Las Vegas, Bonnaroo in Manchester, TN, and Lollapalooza in Chicago. At these music festivals, a wide range of music genres are typically performed, attracting a variety of different fans. However, there are an increasing number of festivals that are solely for electronic dance music (EDM) fans.

If you plan to attend any of these EDM music festivals—or any of the festivals for that matter—you may want to accessorize your festival attire with a few glow items. Festival-goers tend to wear glow sticks or glow paint, or wave around glowing objects in the crowd, especially once the sun goes down. Here is a list of the top ten glow or light-up items you’ll want to have at your music festivals:


1.) Glow Necklaces

Glow necklaces are commonly worn at music festivals and concerts and are very cheap to buy. Wear your glow necklace around your neck to brighten your festival attire. A glow necklace can also double as a headband, another popular accessory worn by girls at music festivals. Twist two or more different color glow necklaces together for a variety of color! 


2.) Glow Eyeglasses or Masks

If you plan to attend an EDM festival or show this year, you are going to want many glow in the dark accessories. Top off your outfit with a glow mask. Choose one that matches your personality or that coordinates with the rest of your ensemble. If you'd like to be a little more understated, try wearing a simple pair of glow stick glasses. They are lense-free glasses with glow sticks secured in the frames. 


3.) Glow Paint

Glow paint is another popular item worn at music festivals. Choose a glow paint that appears matte during the day but glows at night so you can keep your festival look throughout the entire show. Try using different colors to make a cool design on your face and/or body. 

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4.) Glowing Beach Balls

If donning glow accessories isn't your thing, bring something you can wave or toss around while standing in the crowd. A glowing beach ball is the perfect festival item! An interior glow stick illuminates a clear plastic beach ball. Toss the beach ball around with your group during your favorite show. You can also use these beach balls as decorations for your campsite. String them over your campsite as giant string lights. This will also help you or friends to spot your campsite from afar. 


5.) LED Sunglasses

LED light up sunglasses are often seen at music festivals. Don a pair after the sun goes down! These LED sunglasses light up with the help of several LED lights, and are able to operate in a variety of different modes, including flashing and constant on. 


6.) LED Foam Stick

LED foam sticks are often given as party favors at nightclubs, as well as festivals. Pack your own LED foam stick just in case the festival you're attending won't supply you with one. These foam sticks light up in a variety of colors and/or modes. You can wave these around to the beat of the music while watching from the crowd. 


7.) LED Fans

Keep cool while looking cool at your outdoor concerts with a LED fan. Like most mini fans, the LED mini fan pushes out a small breeze to keep cool with, however, it lights up while doing so! LED lights are situated on each blade to create a fun light show when activated. The fans are small and easy to pack in your bag or purse. Spray or splash a little water on your face before using the fan to get the full cooling effect. 


8.) Light Up Shoelaces

For an easy light-up festival accessory, switch out your regular shoelaces with LED shoelaces. You won't even feel that they're there, but you'll look cool walking around the venue. 


9.) LED Rings

Combine your normal jewelry with some light-up rings for an EDM show or festival. You can activate these rings on and off, so that the battery doesn't wear out during the daytime. 


10.) LED Necklaces

Stand out from the traditional glow necklace crowd by wearing a unique light up LED necklace! A LED necklace will hang longer, making it appear as a normal, non-light-up necklace.  


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