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Top off Your New Year's Getup with some Fun Accessories!

Top off Your New Year's Getup with some Fun Accessories!


New Year’s Eve is all about the party accessories—well, other than reminiscing about the past year and making resolutions for the year to come, as well as spending the holiday with the people you love. However, awesome New Year’s Eve party accessories equates to an even more awesome New Year’s Eve party. You simply cannot spend a New Year’s Eve without donning a cool top hat or a glittery tiara, and you certainly need something to make some noise with when the clock strikes midnight. So celebrate New Year’s Eve in style with the help of some great party accessories to match your party décor! Here are some tips on how to put together the perfect New Year’s Eve ensemble.



A noisemaker will be the most important accessory to your New Year’s Eve party attire—you’ll need something to ring in the New Year with! Literally. If you are hosting your own New Year’s Eve party, make sure you provide your guests with enough noisemakers to cheer with at midnight. If you’re attending a party, it’s a safe choice to bring your own noisemaker.

There are an endless variety of noisemakers you could choose from to make some noise on New Year’s Eve. However, there are a few noisemakers that tend to be the most popular for New Year’s Eve celebrations. Blow horns are a popular New Year’s noisemaker, and you can easily find one to match your outfit!

If you really want to make some noise, swing around one of those noisemakers that you have to crank in order to make a sound. You can usually find these in a variety of fun colors and prints. Or, you can go with another traditional noisemaker that doubles as confetti: confetti poppers. These confetti poppers make a popping noise once you pull them and then will shoot out confetti for a fun midnight celebration.


Beads and Boas

Add some flair to your New Year’s party getup with some beads or boas. Beads are typically a New Year’s Eve party favor, so gather up some gold and silver party beads to wear or pass out to your friends. If you really want to get into the New Year’s theme, hand out or wear silver and gold top hat party beads! These necklaces are just like traditional bead necklaces, but with a few top hat beads placed throughout.

If you want an accessory that’s a tad fancier, or you are attending a Roaring 20’s themed New Year’s party, don a feather boa around your neck instead. If you are attending a party at a bar or a club, a light up necklace, such as a glow necklace, would also be a fun accessory for New Year’s Eve!


Hats and Tiaras

Finally, top off your New Year’s party attire with a hat or a tiara. Plastic top hats are always a fun choice for New Year’s Eve, and can be worn by both men and women. Find one that says “Happy New Year” on it, or be super flashy in a silver glitter top hat!

Another type of hat, that you don’t see very often anymore but is still cute, is the cone-shaped party hat. Stand out from the crowd at your holiday celebration by wearing a New Year’s cone hat! You can fluff it up with style by adding a layer of metallic garland around the bottom of it. Or, if you really want to stand out from the crowd, wear a tall clock top hat. It is highly unlikely that anyone else at the party will have your same hat.

If you would rather not mess up your cute New Year’s hairstyle, simply place a “Happy New Year” tiara on your head. The tiara will allow you to be festive without ruining or patting down your hair. Choose from a variety of tiaras, such as a simple, tinsel “Happy New Year” tiara, or an extravagant, sparkly and feathery “Happy New Year” tiara.  


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