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Top Party Games for a Pool Party

Top Party Games for a Pool Party


Body Size Bubbles
Grab a kiddie pool and fill it with 5 gallons of distilled water (not hard water  as it breaks the bubbles), 10 cups of Dawn Dish Soap (plain, not antibacterial) and 2 cups of Karo Syrup. Let the solution set overnight. The next day, put a stool in the pool for kids to stand on in the middle of the hula hoop and watch as a giant bubble surrounds the child on the stool as the hula hoop is raised from the pool. 

Scavenger Hunt
Grab your favorite pool toys and hide them throughout the yard for kids to find based off the clues you give them. 


Water Balloon Pinata
Fill up water balloons of different sizes with different amounts of water and hang them from a tree. Blind fold a guest and give them bat to swing at the water balloons. On a hot day, smashing a water balloon gives the guests a wonderful surprise. 


Water Balloon Fight
On a hot day, nothing is better a water balloon fight. Create different teams and give them all a bunch of water balloons to throw at one another. 

Duck Fishing Game

Grab the duck fishing game for the little ones at the pool party! They will have a blast fishing for ducks in the 3’X3’ inflatable pool. This is great for kids who don’t want to get in the pool but still want to have some water fun. You can label the bottom of the ducks with numbers and the numbers can coordinate with different prizes.

Water Basketball
Water basketball has the same rules as regular basketball with the exception that it’s in the water and instead of dribbling, you swim with the ball. The rule of weather you can touch the bottom or not is left up to the owners of the home.

How low can you go? All the way to the floor? Have some fun in the grass by setting up a limbo game for all to play. Everyone leans back as they go under the limbo stick trying not to touch it or fall and after the line goes through, the stick gets lowered. How long until you fall?

Frozen T-Shirt Contest
Take a bunch of t-shirts and soak them in water and then freeze them in ball forms for a few days before the party. Gather all of the kids and give them each a frozen t-shirt ball and when you say go, the kids have to do whatever possible to unfreeze the shirt and put it on. The first kid that is able to put on the –t-shirt wins.

Cardboard Boat Race
Have your guests create their own mini cardboard boats to race across the pool. If their boat doesn’t sink and it the first one to the other side, they win a prize.

Bean Bag Toss

Test your aim and skills with a bean bag toss game. It’s fun to play and fun for all ages. 

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