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What is Glow Fishing?

What is Glow Fishing?


Although glow fishing has been around for quite some time, since the 1950’s in fact, this enhancement of the sport is becoming the “norm.” Fishermen have noticed that adding a glow factor has proven to be successful time and time again. In this article, you will learn all that glow fishing entails, including glow fishing products to get you started!

Glow fishing is essentially fishing with the addition of a glowing light. Some species of fish prey on other types of sea creatures that give off a bioluminescent glow. To most species of fish, these bioluminescent sea creatures are the biggest reward. Therefore, fishermen have been adding a glow factor to their fishing rods when fishing in order to catch these favorable species of fish that tend to feed closer to the bottom of the water. They shop for a variety of jigs, depending on the species of fish they intend to catch, that mimic the bioluminescent glow in order to attract and ultimately catch these fish. The most popular glow colors are red, orange, green, blue and violet, however the blue and violet color waves travel the furthest in water. Some fishermen mix several colors together, as well.

The glow of the jigs also helps the fish to identify exactly what is on the hook. Because light does not travel very far in water, most jigs tend to look a grey color once they are so many feet under water. Fish have vision that is optimized for color selection, so adding a glowing light allows the fish to actually see, and therefore be attracted to, the fisherman’s jig.

If you are not an experienced fisher and want to start at a beginner level, do so with Glow Fishing Lure Lights from Windy City Novelties. These lights are essentially a three inch glow stick that attaches to your line, just above your jig, and is submerged under water. Practice using these lure lights during the day or at night before using the professional grade glowing jigs. Choose from a variety of colors, or test out all three colors in order to figure out which color is the most successful.

If you are an inexperienced fisher fishing before sunrise, you may also want to add Glow Fishing Bobber Lights to your fishing line. These bobber lights simply attach onto your bobber and will allow you to see exactly where your line is in the dark.

Because these Glow Fishing Lure Lights are a low grade, they are perfect for children to practice with. If you are an experienced fisher but want to get your kids started, these lure lights are the ideal tool to use with them. They are inexpensive, costing just over $2.00 for one, which gives your children the freedom to do what they want with them, even if that means accidentally damaging one. 

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