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Windy City Novelties Costume Spotlight: Light Up Costumes

Windy City Novelties Costume Spotlight: Light Up Costumes


Light up your Halloween this year with a light up costume! Stand out—or shine out from the crowd with battery powered LED costumes from Windy City Novelties. There are a variety of light up costumes and costume accessories for all ages and sizes. If you plan on going to a Halloween party at a dance club, a light up costume or accessory is the perfect thing to wear! Here is an overview of Windy City Novelties’ light up costumes and accessories:

Light Up Costume Kits

Light up costume kits allow you to create your own light up costume. Most of them include a long battery powered LED wire with stick-on hooks that allow you to stick them directly onto clothing—black clothing works best. This is great if you want to create a Tron: Legacy suit costume! You can also use the light up costume kits to turn an ordinary costume into something more unique by adding these glowing LED strips.

Kids Light Up Costumes

Kids can have fun this Halloween with kids light up costumes! With costumes of their favorite characters, they’ll be able to wear the costumes they wanted to wear, but stand out from the other kids with light up versions of them. Little girls and teens can dress as a light up fairy, or a cute and friendly light up witch. Boys and teens can dress as their favorite superhero with light up features, such as Iron Man and his glowing chest or The Dark Knight Rises child costume.

Adult Light Up Costumes

There are also many light up costumes available for adults! Ladies can choose from a variety of tutu costumes that light up, such as vampires, fairies, and more. They can also opt to go as someone from the future with a futuristic, light up woman’s costume! Guys can dress up in a light up costume, such as the Iron Man suit with light up chest.


LED Wigs

Instead of wearing a light up costume, you can make part of your costume sparkle with light up wigs and hair pieces! You can add a light up afro wig to your 70s disco costume, a light up rainbow wig to your clown costume, or a blue bob light up wig to your alien or futuristic costume.

Instead of wearing a full wig, you can simply add clip-in light up hair pieces. Clip in hair extensions that match the color of your hair with blinking multi-color LED lights on them.

LED Costume Accessories

Add some light up accessories to your Halloween costume with year. Add a flashy sequin light up fedora to your 1920s gangster costume, or a flashing LED bow headband to your Minnie Mouse costume!


If you plan on going as Michael Jackson this Halloween, add some spice to your costume by replacing that famous sequin glove with a sequin light up glove! Or, add a LED light up tutu to your existing fairy costume.

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