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Windy City Novelties Top 10: Top 10 Christmas Decorations

Windy City Novelties Top 10: Top 10 Christmas Decorations


Christmas is right around the corner and it’s time to get your home ready for the holidays!  Whether you’re a minimalist who goes for the traditional look with tinsel and garland or love to go all out with lights, snowmen, Santas, and other Christmas items covering every inch of your home, Windy City Novelties has all the Christmas Decorations you need to make you home merry for the holidays!  But just in case you need some help narrowing down your favorites, here’s a list of our Top 10 favorite Christmas decorations. 

10.) Santa likes to hang around and see if you belong on the Naughty or Nice list and with our Santa Lantern you can have him hanging around all season long!  Our 12-inch Santa Lantern can be hung or used as a centerpiece or table decoration.

9.) Get your home ready for Santa’s arrival, even if you don’t have a fireplace for him to squeeze his pack full of presents down, with the help of our Christmas Fireplace Scene SetterWith 2 room rolls measuring 4 feet high by 12 feet long, this holiday scene setter will turn any area into a cozy Christmas scene, complete with fireplace, stockings, Christmas tree, garland, and wreath.

8.) When you want to decorate a tiny space with a full sized tree but just don’t have the room, try out our Whimsical Christmas Tree Scene Setter Kit with Add  Ons!  Perfect for offices, dorm rooms, classrooms, and households with no room for a real tree, this scene setter features a self-adhesive Christmas tree wall decoration with ornaments and presents to make your room more festive.


7.) Be sure everyone gets in on the Christmas cheer with the help of our Christmas Holiday Stocking CutoutsA great way to decorate the office for the holiday season, these cardboard mini stockings have room to write a name on the top so Santa will know just who he needs to leave presents for when he swings by on Christmas Eve!

6.) Get the most bang for your buck when you’re decorating for the holidays with our Holiday Value Pack Cutouts!  With 30 cardboard cutouts featuring a variety of holiday shapes, including snowmen, ornaments, snowflakes, and holiday-inspired sentiments, this Holiday Value Pack makes decorating a breeze!


5.) Add a touch of old time elegance and beauty to your Christmas decor with our Holiday Tinsel Garland.  This 18-foot white garland features accents of holly and berries.  The perfect way to turn your stair railing into the centerpiece of your home or make your tree shine, this Holiday Tinsel Garland is guaranteed to look fabulous with the rest of your decor!


4.) Whether or not you’re lucky enough to have a white Christmas, you can still turn the inside of your home into a winter wonderland with the help of our Metallic Snowflake Swirls  With 12 snowflakes of varying sizes on metallic swirls the weather inside will be delightful but your home will still look like a snow storm is swirling!

3.) Add some fun and festive lighting to your home decor with our adorable Santa & Snowmen Light Set!    Featuring snowmen and Santa heads, this festive light set will look great whether you’re hanging them from the mantel or using them to jazz up your tree!


2.) Give your Christmas celebration a gorgeous glow with the help of our Merry Christmas Luminary Bags.  These white luminary bags have “Merry Christmas” written in black and, when lit with a battery-operated votive or tea-light, which will reduce the risk of fire and prevent them from blowing out, will send your merry message out for all to see!


1.) Santa may have his sleigh to help him transport his pack full of toys through the snow, but you can turn your own car into something just as festive with our Reindeer Car Decorating KitWhether you’re dashing through the snow to the mall or heading over the river and through the woods to Grandma’s your car will be spreading a little Christmas joy along the way thanks to the kit’s 15-inch antlers with assorted color Christmas lights and a bright red nose.

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