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A Guide to our Disney's Frozen Items for Frozen Parties

A Guide to our Disney's Frozen Items for Frozen Parties


Little girls around the world have been singing “Let it Go” ever since Disney released the animated musical movie “Frozen” in 2013. The story of sisterly love obviously struck a chord with viewers who flocked to theaters and bought DVDs, making “Frozen” the highest-grossing animated film of all time. Windy City Novelties is ready to help parents let go of their party-planning anxieties by stocking up on everything they need for a “Frozen” party, including official Disney tableware, decorations, favors, and other complementary party supplies.

Let guests know they are in for a fabulous frosty time by sending out Winter Snowflake Personalized Invitations. The winter snowflake invitations have a light blue background with a flurry of snowflakes in different shades of blue and white. Your personalized message will be imprinted inside a blue-outlined rectangle in the center of the card. Choose from 12 fonts and 24 ink colors for your message. The winter snowflake invitations are available in two sizes, 4 by 6 inches and 5 by 7 inches, and come with matching envelopes. You must order a minimum of 10 personalized invitations, with additional cards available in increments of two. Add a note to your invitations, encouraging guests to dress up like one of their favorite characters in the movie – whether it be a princess, troll, goofy snowman, or nasty prince.

A bunch of Disney's Frozen Printed Balloons tied to the mailbox or front porch posts are bound to make already-excited guests a bit more breathless. The 12-inch latex balloons, in purple, pink, and Elsa's favorite teal blue, are helium ready. The assortment contains several designs featuring Anna and Elsa, and the frozen palace. The Frozen printed balloons are sold in packages of six. Be sure to order extra balloons to put in loot bags, as well!

Create a winter wonderland in your home with Disney's Frozen Streamer. The teal blue crepe paper streamer has a purple stripe down the center printed with the words “Sisters Forever.” A heart containing silhouettes of Anna and Elsa separates the two words. Each streamer roll is 30 feet long. Drape the streamers in your entryway, or diagonally from corner to corner in your party room. Add to the festive atmosphere with Disney's Frozen Swirl Decorations.  The value pack of 12 hanging decorations includes six assorted swirls in purple and teal; three foil swirls with 7-inch cutouts on the ends; and three foil swirls with 5-inch cutouts. The light weight cardboard cutouts are printed on both sides and feature colorful snowflakes, Olaf, and Anna and Elsa. These swirl decorations would be great hanging in your entryway, from the staircase railing, over the food table, or scattered throughout the room.

Fill in any empty spaces you might have with Snowflake Cutouts – Value Pack. The value pack contains 20 light weight cardboard snowflake cutouts that are glittered on one side. The assortment includes two 11 1/2-inch cutouts, four 7 1/2-inch cutouts, and fourteen 5-inch cutouts. Attach the snowflakes easily to walls with sticky tack. Put them away after your “Frozen” party to use during the holidays!

If your party is for a special birthday boy or girl, include Disney's Frozen Add an Age Banner in your décor. The Add An Age banner is over 10 feet long with individual hinged letters that spell out “Happy Birthday.” The letters feature snowflakes, flowers, and characters from the movie. Included are two of each of the numbers 0-9, along with “nd,” “rd,” “th,” and “st.” The numbers are designed to be placed on a heart cutout in the center of the happy birthday banner. The banner with 24 add-on pieces is sold as a set.

Young guests will be delighted to find Olaf the snowman's cousins have been invited to the party. The Snowman Lanterns will look great anchoring the corners of your event room. The collapsible paper snowman lanterns stretch to 26-inches when opened. The snowman body has three round segments, including a plain white bottom, a middle globe with red buttons and stick-like arms, and a head with coal black eyes and smile, and a carrot nose. The snowman lanterns are sold as a set.

Your food and/or activity tables will look amazing draped in Disney's Frozen Table Cover. The plastic table cover is buffet-sized at 54 inches by 96 inches. The table cover is designed in “Frozen” colors, with a purple background and horizontal teal borders. The table cover is scattered with different snowflakes that contain accent colors of deep blue, yellow, and white. The table cover, which is sold by the piece, makes a perfect backdrop for the “Frozen” plates, cups, and napkins. Disney's Frozen Plates – 9 Inch feature a large picture of sisters Anna and Elsa. The blue background of the 9-inch square paper plates shows the ice palace, the frozen village, and flower designs in purple. The 9-inch Frozen plates are sold in packages of eight. If you are serving just snacks or desserts, Disney's Frozen Paper Plates – 7 Inch will do very nicely. The square 7-inch plates have two designs in the same package, one featuring an ice blue background, the frozen village, and a large picture of Elsa looking over her shoulder; and the other with a green/blue background, the unfrozen village, and a large picture of Anna in braids. The 7-inch plates are sold in packages of eight, with four of each design. Mix up a batch of beautiful teal blue punch to serve in Disney's Frozen Paper Cups. The 9-ounce paper cups have a purple background with a picture of Elsa the Snow Queen and her sister Princess Anna highlighted in a circle, with scattered flowers. The cups are sold in packages of eight. To make blue punch combine a package of blue raspberry Kool Aid, one can of frozen lemonade, and a 2-liter bottle of lemon-lime soda. Add water to taste. If you are going to serve your blue beverage from a punch bowl, it would be fun to add ice balls. Molds for ice balls are widely available in stores and online.

Create a fabulous tablescape with Disney's Frozen Table Decoration Kit. The table decorating kit includes a 12.6-inch centerpiece which has a three-dimensional cardboard cutout of sisters Elsa and Anna, as well as a smaller cutout of Olaf the snowman, all of which fit into a circle of teal fringe. There are two additional 7-inch stand-up cutouts, one of Anna and one of Elsa. The kit also includes 20 2-inch double-sided confetti pieces of snowflakes and rosemaling emblems. Make your winter wonderland table even more special by scattering Disney's Frozen Confetti. The 1.2-ounce kit includes three different confetti styles inspired by the movie. Tiny metallic hearts come in “Frozen” favorite colors of teal, purple, and silver. Slightly bigger than the hearts are different types of metallic snowflakes in the same color palate. The third packet of confetti has small cardboard cutouts featuring pictures of characters from the movie, as well as additional metallic hearts. Guests will be thrilled to find sprinkles of confetti in their loot bags too.

Set up a sweet buffet of “Frozen”-inspired treats for your party including mounds of snowball cupcakes, blue finger Jell-O cut in snowflake shapes, homemade snowball and snowflake cookies, popcorn balls rolled in glitter sugar to make them look more like snowballs, and an ice cream cake. Make a 3-layer “Frozen” cake with a white cake mix. Leave one layer white; tint one with purple food coloring, and the third with blue food coloring. Use blue and clear sugar crystal sticks to improvise an ice palace on the top of the cake. Make miniature Olafs out of marshmallows and let kids gobble them up!

Place one of Disney's Frozen Blowouts at each place setting, or save your ears and put them in loot bags for guests to take home. Each package of eight Frozen blowouts includes two in purple and pink with a cutout of Princess Anna's friendly freckled face; two in purple and teal with a cutout of the Snow Queen Elsa; and four in purple and pink with the sisters together. Purchase the blowouts in increments of one package.

Treat your guests like royalty with Disney's Frozen Paper Tiaras. The purple paper crowns have a thin teal border around the bottom. The center of the crown has a heart-shaped vignette featuring sisters Elsa and Anna, and snowflakes and flowers complete the design. The adjustable paper tiaras will fit most heads. They are sold in packages of eight.

Kids will love helping Olaf find his nose with Disney's Frozen Party Game. The game contains a collectible poster with a large illustration of Olaf, the warm-hearted snowman, with sisters Anna and Elsa in the background. The game, designed for two to eight players over the age of four, includes eight carrot nose stickers and one paper blindfold. The poster will also provide a perfect place to take pictures of guests wearing their tiaras, and you can use it as a prize for the winner of the game if the party hostess can bear to let it go.

For a fun craft project, have kids make individual snow globes. Start saving small jars – they don't all have to be the same size – in the weeks before the party. Remove the labels and any glue still on the jars. If you like, paint the lids in “Frozen” colors ahead of time, or let guests do their own painting. Glue small plastic figurines inside the lids with Mod Podge or clear epoxy and let them dry while kids eat dessert or play games. Fill the jars almost to the top with distilled water. Add a pinch of glitter, a few small snowflakes, and a bit of glycerin (available at drug stores or hobby shops). Screw the lids on the jars, flip them over, and watch it snow!

Disney's Frozen Loot Bags are so cool, kids would love to take them home even if they were empty! The lovely plastic loot bags feature a picture of Anna in her purple cloak and Elsa in her ice blue gown, with the town of Arendelle in the background. The officially-licensed bags have built-in handles and are sold in packages of eight. Sprinkle a bit of “Frozen” confetti in the bottom of the bags before you start to fill them. Purchase sticks of sugar crystals in blue, purple and white at a local retro candy store or online. Many of them are sold already in individual bags. If you are saving the blowouts or purchasing extras, place them in the loot bags as well. The squeals of delight are bound to have all the dogs in the neighborhood barking when guests see Disney's Frozen Temporary Tattoos in the goodie bags. Each package of temporary tattoos has eight squares, each with two tattoos. To apply, cut out the tattoo of choice, place it face down on the skin, and press down with a wet paper towel until the backing slips off.  The tattoos can be removed easily with baby oil or soap and water. Tattoos include Olaf, Elsa, Anna, the sisters together, the embellished names, snowflakes, and flowers. For a special treat, give each guest a couple of Blue Snowflake Glow Sticks. The 6-inch glow sticks, which are decorated with a snowflake pattern on the outside, give off a soft blue light when activated. The snowflake glow sticks are sold in packages of 25.

There are hundreds of videos online of cute kids singing “Let It Go,” but if you are having a “Frozen” party, it's practically a requirement to add one more. The song will probably stay with you for weeks, but so will the warm memory of the fantastic “Frozen” party you threw with the help of Windy City Novelties! 

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