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Party Bubbles

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$2.90 Per 12 pack

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Blow bubbles instead of throwing rice. Our transparent bubble jars are filled with .6 ounces of bubbles. The bubbles come packed in a counter display box of 1 dozen 2" bottles filled with bubble juice. These bubbles are priced by the dozen. Please order in increments of 1 dozen. A brief note about bubbles: When bubbles leave our shipping dock, they are filled to the top with bubble juice. During transit to you, several things may happen. 1. They could leak due to rough handling. 2. They could freeze (during winter). 3. They could evaporate. We have found that this happens very rarely but on the occasion, they do we recommend you refill the bottles with a soapy (detergent) water solution. It will work as well as our genuine bubble juice. Since this is a problem experienced by all wholesalers we will not be able to accept claims for credit or replacement of bubble bottles that are not totally full. Thank you for your understanding.

  Exactly what I needed.
There were a few empty bottles in the batch. I ordered around 250, and about 3 bottles had leaked out. I ordered extra though, so it wasn't a problem. Other than that these bubbles are perfect for my wedding. They're plain and simple, so we added ribbon. Great price!, 10/18/13
- By BrideToBe From US
Product was what I expected - tiny durable plastic bubble bottles., 07/11/12
- By Planner From US
  Party Bubbles
We used these in goodie bags for our teachers. Each item had a specific slogan. We loved the fact that there were no labels because we made our own which said, ""Let your Royal Pride 'bubble over' this year!"", 09/27/11
- By Musical Mel From US
  Absolutely satisfied and a great find!
This was the cheapest I could find this product anywhere....I thought it had to be too good to be true and that when the bubbles arrived I would find something wrong or cheapened about them. Not so! They are perfect and in sturdy little containers that will work great for my daughter's wedding reception., 06/12/11
- By Snooziesuzie From US

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