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Party Bubbles

  Exactly what I needed.
There were a few empty bottles in the batch. I ordered around 250, and about 3 bottles had leaked out. I ordered extra though, so it wasn't a problem. Other than that these bubbles are perfect for my wedding. They're plain and simple, so we added ribbon. Great price!, 10/18/13
- By BrideToBe From US
Product was what I expected - tiny durable plastic bubble bottles., 07/11/12
- By Planner From US
  Party Bubbles
We used these in goodie bags for our teachers. Each item had a specific slogan. We loved the fact that there were no labels because we made our own which said, ""Let your Royal Pride 'bubble over' this year!"", 09/27/11
- By Musical Mel From US
  Absolutely satisfied and a great find!
This was the cheapest I could find this product anywhere....I thought it had to be too good to be true and that when the bubbles arrived I would find something wrong or cheapened about them. Not so! They are perfect and in sturdy little containers that will work great for my daughter's wedding reception., 06/12/11
- By Snooziesuzie From US
  Worked out perfectly for my wedding
We used the bubbles for my daughter's wedding., 05/10/11
- By StudioGal From US