Standard 36 Player Night Flyer Tournament Package

$789.00 Per kit

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Get a group of 36 golfers together for a fun game of night golf. Includes:

  • 72 Night Flyer CL Golf Balls in 4 assorted colors (CLNFBULK)
  • 27” LED Flashing Necklace for decoration (18 pieces) (LIT209EA)
  • 6” Green Glow sticks (25 pieces) (GLP750UN)
  • 6” Red Glow sticks (25 Pieces) (GLP752UN)
  • 10” Glow Yardage Markers in assorted colors with ground stakes (25 pieces) (GLS114UN)(6 blue, 7 green, 6 red & 6 white)
  • 22” Glow Necklaces in assorted colors (1 tube, 50 pieces) (GNS614UN)
  • Green Glow Cup Rings (25 pieces) (GBT300UN)
  • LED Tee Box Marker (9 pieces) (LIT398EA)
  • 14” LED Flag Marker (9 pieces) (LIT392EA)

Product style and/or colors may be swapped based on availability 

Night Flyer Constant Light (CL) golf balls are a revolutionary premium lighted golf ball that is constructed with two internal high-powered L.E.D.s that will illuminate the ball for approximately 9-10 minutes of non-flashing constant light, providing light throughout the entire golf ball. The 9-10 minute re-trigger clock will reset to zero each time the ball is struck, thereby providing "constant light" throughout your game. Approximately 30+ hours of light with approximately a 1.5 year lithium battery. The Night Flyer CL Professional Golf Ball is OFFICIAL WEIGHT & SIZE! The Night Flyer CL ball can be activated by dropping it onto a hard surface, hitting two golf balls together or tapping the ball on the face of a golf club. Battery Illuminated Golf Balls, normally in 4 Colors: BLUE, GREEN, RED and WHITE.

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By Chuck in US , 10/14/12
Just what we needed for a night golf fundraiser. Very good company to work with. I'm very satisfied.
  Best Times!!!
By Night Golfer in US , 01/19/11
Absolute Blast!!! The product was exactly what I expected. I organized a night golf tournament at our local club and was floored by the response. We will be doing another in the Spring and I'm expecting twice the turn out.

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  • Standard 36 Player Night Flyer Tournament Package

$789.00 Per kit