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Top 10 Tropical Luau Themed Party Games

Top 10 Tropical Luau Themed Party Games


Looking to try something new at your next beach party or backyard barbecue? Take a look at our fun tropical party games, and then visit our Luau & Hawaiian Party Supplies category to get even more ideas!

Musical Beach Towels/Mats

This is a fun game for people of all ages! It is played just like musical chairs but rather musical chairs, players end up on a beach towel or beach mat in a funny tanning position. This luau party game is sure to bring on many laughs to the players and spectators. 

Hula Hoop Contest
Who knows how to hula hoop? Now who knows how to do tricks with the hula hoops? Test everyone’s skills with a hula hoop contest! Fun for all ages.

Play it in the sand or in the backyard, either way it’s going to be a blast to play a great game of volleyball with your friends and family members! Break your guests up into various teams to have a party long tournament of excitement!

Hawaiian Outfit Obstacle Course
Creating the course is almost as much fun as running it! Create obstacles that two teams will have to go through in order to make it to the finish line. At each obstable, have at least one item of Luau themed clothing they have to put on. Once they hit every obstacle and are wearing all of their festive gear, it will be a race to the finish line.

1. Divide the guests into two teams.
2. Each team member will one at a time run the obstacle course stopping at each station to do a fun task while also attempting to put on one of the luau themed articles of clothing (example: hula hooping while putting on a coconut bra).
3. After every station is done, they will run to the finish line and then the next person on their team will go. This continues until all of the members of one team have completely crossed the finish line.
Some ideas for Luau themed articles of clothing include: coconut bra, grass skirt, hawaiian shirt, lei, beach hat, sunglasses and sunscreen on the nose and cheeks.

Pineapple Bowling
All you need for pineapple bowling is 12 pineapples to use as bowling pins and a coconut or two to use as the bowling balls. The luau party game is played just as regular bowling except you can stand a lot closer to the pins. Have some fun on your driveaway, on your sidewalk or even on your lawn with this game!

Ukelele Contest
Ever played the guitar? Now have you ever played a ukelele? These not so common instruments send off a beautiful tune and are the most popular in Hawaiian and tropical locations. Grab one for your luau and have guests come up with their very own tune and battle for the chance to be the king or queen of the ukelele. If you can’t find a real one, grab an inflatable ukelele and have them play and dance to the sound of the instrument on a CD during the ukelele battle!

Pass the Coconut
Break your guests up into two teams and have them stand in a line. At one end, give the leader of each team a coconut to hold under their chin. The object of the game is to pass the coconut from person to person without using your hands or arms. The team that gets their coconut to the end first wins! Remember, if you drop it, you can’t use your hands to pick it up.

Coconut Kiss

This is a luau party game that can have as many participates as desired and a game for all ages. Everyone starts off by picking a partner. They will then stand facing each other with a coconut between them at the belly button areas. When they hear the word go, they have to try and get the coconut to go up their bodies, without using their hands, until the coconut rests between their lips. The first pair to kiss the coconut wins.

Hot Coconut
This is a great game to play with the younger crowds. The rules of hot coconut are the same as hot potato. Have the children all sit in a circle and when the music plays, have them pass the coconut from one person to the next around the circle. When the music stops, the child with the coconut in their hands is out. That child then moves out of the circle, the circle moves closer together to get rid of that extra space and the music starts again. This continues until there is only one person left in the circle who is declared the winner. 


How low can you go? Get every person involved in this fun game of limbo. The rules are simple. One must bend backwards when going under the limbo bar without falling and without touching the bar itself with any part of their body. Once everyone has gone under the first time, the bar will then be lowered and will continue to be lowered for each round. The winner is the last one standing! 


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