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Complete Soccer Themed Party Guide

Party Ideas for hosting a soccer themed birthday, MLS game watch party, or celebratory end of soccer season get-together

Party Decorating & Planning Ideas Soccer Party Ideas

Complete Soccer Themed Party Guide

May 21, 2013

Interest in soccer in the United States has been on the rise since 2002 when the U.S. unexpectedly beat Portugal and Mexico in the World Cup competition.  But kids have always known it was an exciting  sport to watch and play, and the opening of the Major League Soccer season back in March, as well as kick off  for many youth soccer programs,  makes spring a great time to have a soccer party, whether for a birthday or just for fun.

Soccer Theme Invitations

There's no better way to get friends excited than by sending them an invitation to a party.  If you know everyone's email address, think about sending an online invitation.  There are several free programs available, and some of them allow you to add photographs and sound.  Getting a cool invitation in the mail, though, still feels special, and seeing a soccer fan personalized invitation hanging on the refrigerator will have everyone counting down the days.

Wear Your Team’s Colors

Encourage party-goers to wear their favorite team's colors. If you are rooting for Chicago Fire, you'll want to put on red and white.  Houston Dynamo fans can show their loyalty in orange, black and white. While friends who enjoy yelling “Timber!” for their favorite Portland team, will look cool in Ponderosa and moss green. Take it to the next level with non-toxic sports team face paint in a variety of colors.

Soccer Theme Decorations

Welcome friends with a soccer theme custom banner in the front yard.  Choose from six sizes to find the one that's just right for you.  Reproduce the superhero-like badges of favorite Major League Soccer teams in sidewalk chalk coming up the walkway.  Sports logo balloons in assorted colors will add a festive touch.

Inside, string a soccer pennant banner and decorate the walls with soccer ball cutouts, both stacks and singles.  Throw in a couple of metallic soccer ball balloons and your decorations will be complete. 

Snacks and Drinks

Soccer-playing kids work up healthy appetites, so you will want to make the refreshment area a focal point of your party space.  Cover the food table with a fun green grass plastic cover. Make sure to get the larger soccer fan plates and napkins. If you are planning to serve drinks in cups, green plastic tumblers will look great.  If bottled water or sports drinks are the beverages of the day, make them special with referee shirt drink holders.

Fix some fun food to go along with the soccer theme, starting with mini-meatballs in your favorite sauce.  Kids who play or watch soccer will get the joke if you serve two platters of chicken wings – left wings and right wings.  Macaroni and cheese is a good crowd-pleasing side dish, along with fresh veggies and ranch dip.  Wow guests with cake balls on a stick either from the bakery or your own kitchen if you have the creative touch.

Activities and Games

It's hard to keep kids who love soccer from playing all the time, so go ahead and set up a soccer inflatable goal in the yard. For more organized play, have kicking or head-butting contests and relay races with the soccer ball. Divide party-goers into two teams, put in your earplugs, and let them see who can make the most noise with stadium horns and air horns.  Let the neighbors decide the winners!

If  you have the space and need to be inside, use an inflatable soccer ball instead of regulation to play soccer games. For more indoor fun, make a pin-the-soccer ball on the goal competition. Award everyone with a small, gold plastic trophy.

Put on a DVD of a soccer game or a soccer-related movie such as “Soccer Dog”  or “Air Bud: World Pup” while kids are waiting to be picked up. Have a small snack on hand, such as cones of popcorn or soccer-ball wrapped chocolate balls.

Soccer Themed Party Favors

Send guests home with a goodie bag filled with more candies, fun soccer cowbells, soccer squeeze balls, hand clappers, and sports ball wristbands.

Everyone will have so much fun they will be anxious for the soccer season to end so they will have an excuse to throw another party!


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