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Party Guide for Hosting a Space Odyssey Themed Birthday Party

All the party ideas you will need for having an Outer Space themed birthday party - decorations, food, games, and more!

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Party Guide for Hosting a Space Odyssey Themed Birthday Party

March 26, 2013

““  Buckle up and begin the countdown to fun and adventure with a space-themed birthday celebration. What child hasn't dreamed of blasting off into space – where no kid has ever gone before – to explore alien worlds?  But even boys and girls who prefer to keep their feet on the ground will be able to let their imaginations soar when they are made crew members on an adventure that takes them from Earth's friendly confines, to Mars, and back to splashdown.

Space Odyssey Invitations

Let guests know exactly when they are expected at the base by sending out personalized space odyssey invitations with the date and scheduled launch time. Be sure to mail them in plenty of time for future astronauts to gather their space suits, helmets, space packs, and any other costumes or gear they think will add to the mission.

Out of this World Decorations

While the birthday boy or girl will most certainly want to be the commander, have stick-on name tags ready when the kids arrive to let them know their role in the mission. In addition to the commander, you will want a pilot, payload commander, flight engineer, one or more mission specialists, perhaps an education specialist, and spaceflight participants.  Decorate one wall with an outer space instant view that features a view of space and cutouts of stars and planets that will make the guests feel like they are in deep space.  Add dangling planets and silvery swirls to complete the out-of-this-world atmosphere.

Snacks and Drinks

Set your table with a black table cloth sprinkled liberally with scattered stars, to give the illusion of outer space.  Include Space Odyssey plates  and napkins.  Some food ideas include:

- Dehydrated ice cream may be a fun treat and can found at the NASA website or museum stores, but young astronauts will need something more to keep them going.

- Turn hot dogs into red rockets by taking strips of packaged bread dough and wrapping it around the hot dogs before baking.  Add a triangle of cheese on top with a toothpick and put them on sticks for easy handling. 

- A bowl full of green and purple grapes can easily pass for Martian toes. 

- Use a star-shaped cookie cutter to cut out cheese slices, finger sandwiches, and other treats to make them special.

- Chips and fresh veggies complete a perfect space buffet. 

For beverages, juice bags provide an authentic astronaut looking drink.  Turn cupcakes into cute Martians by frosting them with green icing.  Use dots of white frosting to create one or maybe three googly eyes, Black decorating frosting can be used to draw the mouths, and licorice strings make great antennae.


Games and Activities

A traditional game of musical chairs can be made to fit the space theme if guests are required to moonwalk around the chairs.  Be sure to play “spacey” tunes like the themes to Star Wars or “2001 A Space Odyssey.”  Kids could brush up on their moonwalking skills before starting the game by watching a simple dance instruction video.  Transform the bucket game into a big splashdown event by decorating buckets with blue paint, tissue, and sea creature cutouts and using small astronaut figurines  instead of balls to toss into the buckets.  If the party can move outdoors, or if there is a safe space, a lively battle with light up swords is always fun.

After a busy afternoon of space exploration, send each young astronaut home with a photograph posed amidst the outer space decorations.  If there is a space helmet available, that will only add to the fun. Be sure to get a shot of the entire crew as well.  There are many space-themed favors available for treat bags.  A pencil or space maze puzzle will remind them of their journey.  Kids will be even more thrilled to find a little alien has sneaked a ride home with them in their goody bags.

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