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Activity Ideas for the Next Snow Day

Some unique and common snow day activities for the next time winter weather strikes and school's are closed

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Activity Ideas for the Next Snow Day

February 24, 2013

The two happiest words for any kid just might be "Snow Day!"  But, those same two words often strike fear in the hearts of parents as they wonder just how they are going to keep the kids amused all day long without going crazy.  Have no fear, the next time Mother Nature unleashes her fury and dumps a hefty dose of snow on your neck of the woods, canceling school and leaving you with stir crazy kids who need an outlet for their energy, you can hold an impromptu snow day party that will keep everyone busy and make you the coolest mom on the block!

Head Outside for Some Fun 

As long as the weather isn't too severe and it's safe to send the kids out to play, there are plenty of fun things to do outside in the snow.  Round up all the neighborhood kids and invite everyone to come over for a snow day party in your yard.  All you'll need for your impromptu party is a few key supplies that you'll probably have on hand from your last party, a few extra goodies that you can buy ahead of time so you're prepared for the next snow day, and a lot of patience to deal with the hyper kids!

Out-of-the-Ordinary Snow Day Activities

Once all the little ones are bundled up to brave the elements and you've donned your snowflake headband over your warm woolen hat to identify yourself as the queen of the snow day festivities, head outside where the fun will begin.  First up on your snow day fun will be making snow jewels.  Fill latex balloons with water, being sure not to overfill, and add a little food coloring.   Bury the balloons in the snow and leave them alone for a few hours to let them freeze.  If the temperature outside isn't cold enough, stow them in your freezer to speed up the process!  Once they've frozen through, cut away the balloons to reveal the beautiful frozen jewels inside!  For a little extra fun, have the kids make some mini snowmen, about eighteen inches high, and use their frozen ice balls for a game of snow bowling on the driveway!

Pack down a large section of snow in the backyard and let the kids show off their artistic side with some warm water mixed with a few drops of food coloring.  Give them different methods of making their works of art, including squirt guns, squeeze bottles, mister fans, and spray bottles.  They can make abstract designs, write their names, or try to use everyday objects, like doilies or leaves to make fun patterns in the snow.  Just be sure to warn the kids not to spray each other so no one's clothes get ruined! 

For a little scientific fun at your snow day party, arm all the kids with bottles of bubbles and see if it's cold enough outside for the bubbles to freeze!  Even if it's not that cold in your neck of the woods, the kids will love trying out this summer activity in the winter.  Try not to let any of the bubbles spill on the concrete or driveway though, as it can make for some super slippery ice if it freezes!

Common Snow Day Activities

Once the kids have enjoyed your out-of-the-ordinary snow day activities, let the loose to have some typical winter fun.  Have a snowball fight, build a snow fort, go sledding, and just enjoy your day outside.  Then, just before the kids are ready to come inside, right before the street lights are getting ready to turn on and dusk is starting to fall, pull out one last surprise--a box of glow sticks!  Let the kids go to town activating the glow sticks and burying them in the snow throughout the yard or hiding them in the bushes.  They can make fun designs or hide them in unexpected places.  The whole neighborhood will love how these simple party favors look glowing merrily under the snow once the sun goes down!  Just keep track of how many glow sticks you've handed out and then have the kids head out and collect them all again when the snow melts. 

If your first impromptu snow day party is a hit, you might consider making it a tradition in the neighborhood, with the moms trading off which house is hosting the kids.  Consider having a snow day banner made that can be hung out in the front yard of whoever will be hosting that day's snow day party so all the kids know just where to head for the fun the next time those two wonderful words are announced!  And parents have no fear, these snow day parties will even have you looking forward to the unexpected day off from school responsibilities! 

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