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Host a Hollywood Themed Academy Awards Party with these Party Tips!

The Academy Awards are on Sunday, February 24th. Prepare for the occasion with the help of Windy City Novelties

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Host a Hollywood Themed Academy Awards Party with these Party Tips!

February 10, 2013

The Academy Awards are one of Hollywood’s most anticipated and glamorous nights of the year.  And whether you’re a movie buff who wants to see which of the year’s films will take home the highest honors or a fashion aficionado who wants to drool over the amazing fashions, it’s always more fun to watch the Oscars with your friends!  So instead of curling up in front of the television alone in your pjs, why not throw an Academy Awards Party that your friends will never forget?

Send out some Hollywood themed invitations

Start by sending out personalized Hollywood invitations letting your guests know exactly when the festivities will begin.  Windy City Novelties offers nearly forty different styles that can be fully customized and preprinted with all your party information.  Don’t forget the party needs to start early enough to watch all the stars arriving on the red carpet!   For a fun twist on the festivities, include nomination cards with each invitation so that your guests can make their predictions for the main award categories.  At the end of the night, present an award to the guest who had the most correct guesses.  One of our gold plastic statue is the perfect choice for the winner!

Paparazzi Decorations and Props

On the day of your Academy Awards party, you’ll want to get things set up nice and early so that you can enjoy the festivities and not have to worry about decorations, food, or any of the other little details that can often bog a party host down.  Have fun choosing your party decorations.  With our wide selection of Hollywood decorations the hardest part of your party might be choosing the theme!  If you and your friends watch the Academy Awards to ogle the celebrities, go with a paparazzi theme.  Roll out our Hollywood red carpet runner and line the wall with some Paparazzi Props and your guests will feel like they are walking the red carpet with the rest of the stars as they arrive in style!

Black and White Hollywood Decor
Or you can go with an old school Hollywood theme and decorate with simple black and white decorations, such as our 30” filmstrip whirls hanging from the ceiling.  To make decorating simple, choose our Hollywood night decorating kit, which includes everything you need to deck your house out for your Academy Awards party.  With the Hollywood night decorating kit, the decorating is easy, leaving you more time to focus on the food and festivities!

Food and Snacks 

The best food choices for your Academy Awards party are those that can be prepared ahead of time, served at room temperature, and eaten without a lot of mess or fuss.  Since the Oscars typically last three hours or more, and the pre-awards coverage adds a couple hours more to the evening, you’ll want to have a lot of munchies for your guests to snack on throughout the night.  If you’d like to stick with the movie theme, there are a lot of fun options to choose from:

- Popcorn- Prepare single serving bags for guests to snack on.  For fun variations, mix in Jell-O powders, chocolate candies, ranch dressing mix, or pretzels.  Don’t forget the salt and butter!

- Nachos- You can keep the cheese sauce hot in a Crock Pot and have a small dish a jalapeno peppers on the side for those who like their nachos spicy.

- Movie theater candy- Dollar stores often have a large selection of individual movie theater-sized boxes of candy.  Stock up on traditional favorites like chocolate-covered raisins, M&Ms, licorice, Milk Duds!
Chips and dip, veggie trays, meatballs, cheese and crackers, and finger sandwiches are also good choices for your party snacks.  No matter what you serve, be sure you have enough to keep everyone happy and full for the whole show!

Activities and Games

To make your Academy Awards party more interesting, plan some fun activities for your guests.  If you have a digital camera and photo printer, take their picture as they arrive on your Hollywood red carpet runner and then mount them in a Clapboard photo frame, lining up all the photos and creating a Wall of Fame for your friends to enjoy.  And to make the party more exciting, create bingo cards for a fun game to play during the show.  Fill the boards with categories such as crying during an acceptance speech, mangling a nominee’s name, an acceptance speech being cut off by the orchestra, wardrobe malfunction, and someone tripping over their dress.  Whoever fills their card first wins the prize!  Another fun option that will keep your guests amused during the commercial breaks is to create a movie trivia game, featuring questions about past winners, classic films, and this year’s nominees.  Award points for each winning answer. 

Whatever you do for your Academy Awards party, the point of the evening is to enjoy spending time with your friends while seeing who will take home the evening’s honors.  No matter how you choose to decorate, what you decide to serve, and how you entertain your guests during the commercials, as long as you have enough room for all your friends to gather around the television and enough food to keep everyone pleasantly full, your Academy Awards party is sure to be a success! 

For tips, questions, help planning an event or for recipe and craft ideas, email our party experts at for your personal party planner!